We had a sampling at a old Echizen ware kiln in Echizen town, Fukui Pref in July 3.

We had a presentation about the archaeomagnetic data of Japan, in JpGU annual meeting at Yokohama (Apr. 28 - May 2).
We had a sampling at Mimasaka Takata Castle ruin at Maniwa city, northern Okayama Pref in March 22, which was victim to the wars and burned away several times in the Sengoku era (later 16c). We sampled for archaeomagentic study from baked soil layers.
We will hold a small scientific meeting, "Meeting of Archeomagnetism and Paleomagnetism of Holocene" at Okayama University of Science, in March 5 and 6.
Scheduled electric outage will be held at Dec 23 and 28.
Next week (Dec 9-13) this database will be introduced in American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting at San Fransisco.
We will have a short rest of the server at Nov 7-8 because of a power outage.
In Nov. 8, we had an archeomagnetic sampling at Nishiyama old kilns in Echizen town, Fukui Prefecture.
In Nov 5, we had a presentation about regional variation of geomagentic field in the SGEPSS fall meeting at Kochi University.
In Aug 28, we had an archeomagnetic sampling at Sayama-Higashiyama old kiln in Bizen city, Okayama.
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